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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION1.1    Background to the study1.2     Statement of the problem1.3    Objectives of the study 1.4    Research Questions1.5     Justification of the Study1.6     Delimitation of the Study1.7     Limitations of the Study1.8     Definition of Terms

CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW2.1    Introduction 2.2    Concept of the New Media Technologies 2.3    Organizational Uses of Communication Technologies 2.4    Impact of New Media Technology 2.5    Theoretical Framework 2.6    Review of Related Studies 2.7    Modern Communication Technologies 2.8    The Internet and It Uses 2.9    The Internet and the Management of Information

CHAPTER THREERESEARCH METHODOLOGY3.1    Research Design3.2    Population of the Study3.3    Sample Size3.4      Sampling Procedure3.5     Description of Research Instrument3.6     Validity of Research Instrument3.7     Reliability of Research Instrument3.8    Method of Data Collection3.9    Method of Data Analysis

CHAPTER FOURDATA PRESENTATION, ANALYSIS AND DISCUSSION OF FINDINGS4.1     Data Presentation and Analysis4.2     Discussion of Findings

CHAPTER FIVESUMMARY, CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS5.1     Summary of Findings 5.2     Conclusions5.3     RecommendationsREFERENCESAPPENDIX AAppendix BQuestionnaire

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION1.2    Background to the studySocial media gained rapid prominence within few year of its existence it is generally the medium to socialize and many are aided by the transformation of communication processes especially among generation midwife by the media has now crept into the boardrooms of business organization and just like the internet, it has transformed the selling and buying processes. Though social and media is a recent phenomenon, it has proven to be just as effective as then traditional, news gathering, organization are formed to achieved certain goals and objectives which are set out for it Goals to be achieved are further subdivided and reflected in subdivision of the organization. All organization has a management structure that determines relationships between the different activities and the members, and subdivides and assigns roles, responsibilities and authority to carry out different tasks. Central to the smooth running of organization is communication. Communication plays a major role in human relationships, and organizations, run as a result of the relationship which exist between the individuals who operate within the structureCommunication is considered critical and pivotal for organizations to function. Barnard (1938)cited in Soola (2004) observes that the chief function of the  executive is to communicate .more than 75% of a business executive time is spent communicating .the critical nature of communication has led to investment in it, and has given rise to the growth and development of communication technologies.The rise and growth of new communication technologies have changed the ways organization operates. It is no longer surprising that most organizations which have keyed into the use of these new forms of technologies have found that the processing, transmitting and uses of information in this organization have become dynamic, simultaneous, quick and all embracing. it is little wonder that through these new technologies, virtual meetings are held between individuals, who physically live in far-flung part s of  different parts of the world and yet, they are able to,, meet decisions are reached, policies are formed and directives passed across to workers on these. As a result of these new forms of technologies, peoples interact regularly and seamlessly within and outside of their physical environment of their organizational setting without having to move from where they are except when such is deemed necessary and to carry out an instruction, or to interact to achieve a goal or carryout one action or the other.This has brought about improvement in communication in organizations. As noted by Soola (2004) communication improvement means the investment in communication technology and other communication related facilities .All these are done to ensure that workers and management staff communicate effectively.These communication technologies are varied and with the passage of time have become more sophisticated and portable. Some of these include computers (laptops inclusive) internet facilities, GSM handsets, and fax machines among other. It is necessary to note that most organizations strive on communication and with the availability of this information is passed easily and work is done fasted and in a much improved manner. This work will as such examine various new communication technologies and their impact on corporate entities.

1.2     Statement of the problemIn the times past, the business of running an organization, particularly media organization was an uphill task, especially in the area of operationinformation gathering, communication within and outside the organization infester to attain the set goals of the organization .The application is that people have become better equipped in their work as a result of these new communication gadgets, and to remain competitive and be at par with others in their competitive sectors organization need to regularly upgrade and improve their communication networks which will enhance work performances by the staff. This brings us to the examination of these new communication technologies and the impact they have on organizations. Are there used effectively in workplaces? Is information transferred as at when due through these facilities? It is also pertinent to ask if these new technologies are not abused s a result of the easy access to them. Issues of security also arise as unscrupulous individual have the capacity to reach and retrieve files virtually either of fellow workers or even corporate secrets. That is achieved by hacking into files stored away in their system. This constitutes the problem of this study.

1.3    Objectives of the study The broad objective of this study is to evaluate the impact of the new media technologies on corporate entities.1.    To determine the extent Pioneer Newspaper, NTA Uyo are exposed to these new media.2.    To ascertain the new media technologies used by Pioneer Newspaper, NTA Uyo.3.    To examine how the organizations perceived the use of the new media technologies.4.    To find out the challenges faced by the organizations in using the new media technologies.

1.4    Research QuestionsThe study sought to provide answers to the following questions1.    To what extent does Pioneer Newspaper and NTA Uyo are exposed to these new media technologies?2.    Which of the new media technologies does the organizations used in disseminating of information?3.    How do the organizations perceive the new media technologies in their usage?4.    What are the challenges faced by Pioneer and NTA Uyo in using the new media technologies?

1.5     Justification of the StudyThe significance of this study lies in the fact that the findings will help media organizations, journalists, and the entire public on new media technologies as useful tools for media organizations management thus will broaden their horizons in their reportage.The result of this study will serve as an input to journalism profession and add to the existing body of knowledge of the subject. It shall be of great important to the media practitioners as it will help to unveil the place of new media technologies in organisational management.It will also educate and produce information to those who had no knowledge about new media technologies as useful tools in managing media organisation . A careful study of this research work will make an indispensable guide to journalists and will meet the desire of mass communication students, especially relevant information and the generality of the public who desire to enrich their bank of knowledge on this area.

1.6     Delimitation of the StudyThis study was delimited to New Media Technologies: Useful Tools for Media Organisations Management. A survey of Pioneer Newspaper and NTA Uyo. It does not include other uses of the new media.

1.7     Limitations of the StudyThe limitation of this study was the failure of some respondents to return copies of their questionnaires. However the number of copies that was not returned was few, it was therefore insignificant to affect the result of the study and its consequent generalisation.Also the limited literature materials on new media technologies posted a great challenge to this work.

1.8     Definition of TermsNew Media: This means the interactive digital media, such as the internet, as opposed to traditional media such print and television.Management: This means the use of new media tools to achieve predetermined goals of Pioneer and NTA Uyo.Organisation: A group of people or other legal entities with an explicit purpose and written rules.Technologies: This Refers to all the social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, E-mail among others used by Pioneer and NTA Uyo.





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