The study deals with students’ awareness of development and health issues that is, Health Education as a paradigm of vision 2020 in Nigeria nation, gotten from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Health, Environmental Education and Human Kinetics and Computer Science in the University of Benin. The sample consisted of 121 students drawn from three departments, only 110 responded. Data was analyzed in tabular forms using the simple percentage method.  The findings were that the students had knowledge of the theme of the project.  But was I a little bit sceptical about the realization of its objectives?


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Abstract                                                                                           vi


1.1     Background to the Study                                                      1

1.2     Statement of the Problem                                                     4

1.3     Purpose of the Study                                                             5

1.4     Research Questions                                                               5

1.5     Hypotheses                                                                            6

1.6     Significance of the Study                                                      6

1.7     Scope of the Study                                                                 8

1.8     Delimitation                                                                          11

1.9     Limitations                                                                                      11

1.10   Definition of Terms                                                               12


2.1            How vision 2020 Using Health Education can bring

The all Needed Development                                              14     

2.2            How the Implementation of Vision 2020 Can

Realize the Developmental changes Needed in Nigeria   20

2.3            The Issue of Security of Lives and Properties                     26

2.4            The Independence of the Judiciary and Good

Leadership                                                                                      32


3.1     Research Design                                                                    44

3.2     Population of the Study                                                        44

3.3     Pilot Testing                                                                          44

3.4     Sample and Sampling Techniques                                                45

3.5     Research Instrument                                                             45

3.6     Validity of the Instrument                                                     45

3.7     Reliability of the Instrument                                                          46

3.8     Administration of Instrument                                              46

3.9     Method of Data Analysis                                                      47



4.1     Data Presentation, analysis and Interpretation                           48

4.2     Discussion of Results                                                            57



5.1     Summary                                                                               59

5.2     Conclusion                                                                                      59

5.3     Recommendations for further Study                                   69

References                                                                                       72

Appendix I (Questionnaire)                                                           74

Appendix II                                                                                     78

Appendix III                                                                                    90



Background to the Study

    According to Professor Emmanuel Ofeme, in Owerri, while delivering lecture at the 2nd Sam Okwaraji Memorial Lecture, Published by Chimaobi Uchendu, in the Sun News online sports of Friday, September 19, 2008, he said that unlike vision 2010, which was collaborative in its formulation and comprehensiveness in articulation in scope, Vision 2020 is only a single track, very large organization, but low to change and interest of the people type of development strategy for the national economy of Nigeria, as it is only defined in terms of economy.

This is the financial system strategy (FSS, 2020) model.  Its main focus is to make Nigeria to become among the 20 best developed economics in the World by the Year 2020.

    The former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, Professor Charles Soludo, is the source and author of this great vision 2020, which he recorded in 2007, and has listed educational reforms, among others, as vital to its actualization.

    In this write-up, the Health Education as a paradigm to the achieving of vision 2020 goals in Nigeria nation, shows the when, what, where and how the knowledge of Health Education can facilitate effectively the achievement of the Vision 2020 goals.

    And by referring to the National Policy of Education, or objective, Section 1, subsection 4(a), which says that, Education is an instrument for national development, to this end, the formulation of ideas, their integration for national development, and interaction of persons and ideas are all aspects of education. This implies that, the education of a nation will result to a better citizen, made up of individuals who are mostly independent and can contribute, and take decisions to the benefit of their nation, and also themselves.  And a country where people can live effectively and healthy life will be easily developed through given health instruction and education to the people living in it.

    According to an extract from the Keynote Address Delivered by Dr. P.S. Dakum, in Nigeria Journal of Health Education (NJHE), Vol. 15, No. 1, 2005, health in relationship to education is crucial to the development and advancement of the Nigeria economy.  For Nigerians, only those who are educated, that can carry on the economical progress of the country.  But to have a sound education for meaningful development, all Nigerians need to be healthy.

    But, furthermore, according to the reference given above, low level of health will result to low level education.  To buttress home my point, to realize the goals of vision 2020 effectively, through the use of health education, there is need for the government and people of Nigeria to utilize Health Education tools, like access to good roads, building health care centre and providing adequate drugs, and also involving technocrats as administrators in various ministries, etc.

Statement of the Problem

    The under-development and impoverish situation of the Nigerian economy, as it is visible in every time siphoning of the nation’s wealth to foreign banks, by incompetent leaders of this country. 

Insecurity of lives and properties, gross misconduct and corruption in high places, including among the law enforcement agencies and the police.  

Bad leadership and other existing unhealthy situation that has crippled the development of this country are the problems to be tackled.

Purpose of the Study

    The way, thorough which educating of Nigerians, about their health and other health-related issues, can bring about a high standard of living.  And tremendous advancement of the nation’s economy, to place it among the 20 best economies of the world by the year 2020, is what this project work entails.

Research Questions

1.    How can vision 2020 goals using Health Education tools bring the all needed development?

2.    Are the vision 2020 goals different from the developmental changes needed in Nigeria?

3.    Is the peace of this nation different from the security of lives and properties?

4.    Is the independency of the judiciary different from good leadership in Nigeria?


1.    There is no significant difference between attaining vision 2020 goals using Health Education tools and the all needed development.

2.    There is no significant difference between vision 2020 goals and the developmental changes needed in Nigeria.

3.    There is no significant difference between the peace of this nation and the security of lives and properties.

4.    There is no significant difference between the independency of judiciary and good leadership in Nigeria.

Significance of the Study

    This project is expected to help us Nigerians adhere to the right norms, to develop a healthy nation.

    To acquaint us with the message of vision 2020 developmental strategy and address us with the significance of Health Management, and how to develop Nigeria by the vision 2020 standards, from the health education perspective.

    Effective health education in this country, we will agree is capable of bringing about a reform attitude by the government and people of Nigeria to obtain its national objectives. 

Since no meaningful development can occur in country filed with rancor, so the well being, safety and security of lives and properties is paramount to cooperative existence, national equity and justice.   The problem of bad and failed leadership has always persisted in Nigeria.  

This project work therefore, seeks to suggest the possible route to national economic development.  As all Nigerians will be free in a free and democratic society.  According to the National Philosophy and Policy on Education Section 1, subsection 3(a).  And to the significance of Charles Soludo Vision 2020, education and democracy in Nigeria: vision 2020 by Sadiq A. Abdullahi published 01/23/2007, education provides the best alternative for national stability, security, unity and prosperity.  John Dewey in the same excerpt in the early 20th century believes that “democracy was important not only because it stood for freedom and equality but because of its educational consequences”.

Scope of the Study

    This study will cover all health and health related issues to  the development of Nigeria, according to Charles Soludo Vision 2020 plans, to make Nigeria economy among the 20 most developed economy of the world, by year 2020.

    But the developmental changes needed in Nigeria, which is the key to its economical growth, is envisaged by the research objectives.

    This developmental strategy which is a paradigm of Charles Soludo’s Vision 2020 strategy is a research which covers the entire Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    It contains the process of moving Nigeria forward, and the challenges that faces the development of its economy.

    It contains the importance of Health Education as a communicative subject, necessary for the individual as a person, and also for every individual as a member of the community, for the health appraisals of Nigerians, so that effective development can be carried out, taking into cognizance the welfare of individuals and the entire nation as a single identity.

    This research also contains the issue of safety and security of lives and properties, where the incessant crime rate can be effectively reduced.  It also bothers on issue as in finding solution to the leadership problem and how to set in place an independent judiciary in Nigeria, for good leadership.

    Using Health Education approach, therefore, the all needed development of Nigeria, like vision 2020 strategic plan, is envisaged by this research, so that, national philosophy, bases of health policies, of making Nigeria according to the national policy on education 2004, a free and democratic society, a just and egalitarian society, a united, strong and self-reliant nation, a great and dynamic economy, and a land full of bright opportunities for all citizens, accomplish the developmental objectives according to 2020, of becoming one of the most 20 developed economy of the world, by the year 2020.


    The project was centered mainly on the effect of using Health Education tools in Nigeria to the attainment of vision 2020 developmental objectives.

    The area of my study covers the Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Health, Environmental Education and Human Kinetics, and Computer Science.

    And a sample of students in 200 level of the University of Benin would be the main focus.


    A project of this magnitude cannot be carried out without limitations.

    And some of them include inability to get ready made textbooks that contains issues of Vision 2020 developmental strategy and plan.  So materials were mainly gotten from the internet.  And the problem of incompatibility, web log and jam was also encountered.

    One of the main hindrances to the efficacy of this project was the issue of time, and financial constraints limited it a great deal.

Definition of Terms

Planning:    An arrangement of things to do in order to achieve something that has been considered in detail, in advance.

Corruption:    Dishonest or illegal behaviors, especially of people in authority.

Leadership:    The ability to be a leader or the qualities a good leader should possess.

Stability:    The quality or state of being steady and not changing.

Organization:    The quality of being arranged in a neat, careful and logical way.

Impoverish:    To make something worst in quality.

Paradigm:    A typical example or pattern of something.

Vision 2020:    A strategic plan and dream of putting Nigeria economy among the 20 leading economies of the world by the year 2020, formulated by Professor Charles Soludo.



1. How vision 2020 using Health Education can bring the all needed development:

Health Education is an effective tool to bring about the development of Nigeria as envisaged by Charles Soludo in his vision 2020 strategic plans; and this can be carried out by the given of health instructions that are adequate in scope to the people of Nigeria.

    According to the WHO year 2004 report on the World Health Status, Nigeria was rated among the poorest nations, mainly due to high mortality rate.

    To be able to effectively increase the health status of Nigeria and reduce the high mortality rate, Health Education should be the tool for national development.

Vision 2020 using Health Education tool can bring the all needed development in this country, through so many methods.

According to African News Articles of Hussaini posted on Thursday, 28 May, 2009, as stated by the United Nations, for a country to say it is developed, the essential basic things of life like shelter, job opportunity among citizenry, food, constant electricity and good health care system should be in place for the citizen of the country.  All these could not be found in Nigeria.  So Health Education which is divided into Health Programmes and Instructions, Health Services, and Public Health, can be an effective tool to bring the all needed development in Nigeria, by considering the fact that the Nigeria National Philosophy and objective is the principle that underlies the health policy. 



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