CAUSES OF POOR PERFORMANCE IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE                                                     CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTION1.1    BackgroundGiven the importance of English language as a subject common sense demands that students should perform well in it. The fact that English language is the most important subject in the secondary school curriculum in incontestable.fema (2003) posit that for a student to understand his or her teachers in all other subjects effectively a secondary school students requires at latest fair knowledge of the English language. The author further stated that little wonder that English language is referred to as the key to all the other subjects and to be eligible for admission to universities and other higher institutions of leaning secondary school students must pass English language at credit or distinction level and as English is the median of communication in the university communities.Oluwole (2003) assert that English language as subject is important and students are queried to perform well in it and that statistic of results from West African examination council (WAEC) however reveal  that year in year out only fewer than thirty percent of candidate who wrote English language in this very important examination pass with a credit or distinction level. It is a shameful and painful revelation owing to this ugly situation. The author further stated that in our institutions of higher learning the departments of English in Nigeria have established pre- English programme for the benefit of some of the candidates that could not pass it of the ordinary Level. The author believes that there are some factors affecting the performance of secondary schools student in English language.According to Roger (2003) some so called English language teachers are not academically qualified to teach the subject and a such do not teach it hell and as they are not specialist in the field of study, they are graduates of other discipline secondary school leavers, who took to teaching English because they would not rid even teaching appointment in their respective disciplines. The author added that some students are to some extent responsible for the fact that they perform poorly in English language and they do not even practice the habit of speaking simple and correct English always but always speak pidgin English, even when they ask their English language teachers questions about their lessons the author claims that this has infect landed some of them in trouble before their teachers.Though (2011) states that there are some students who buy theirs do not make effective use of the books the author further posit that most parents and teachers of other subjects who are seen as models by students often discuss with them in wrong English and there are cases of teachers who commit unpardonable grammatical and when they are teaching and some of the parents who are university graduates makes such mistakes as “stop making noise” “off the light” “so there fore” when interacting with their children and students generally take such wrong expressions for correct ones and they go a long way to affect their performance in their English language examinationEsra (2008) in his opinion asserts that they word is very rapidly turning into communicate increase the importance given to language which is the very basic tool for communication also increases and language teaching and learning are seen as international channel of communication beams even more crucial such a demand for learning foreign language consequently results in a bigger demand and for language teacher training/ teaching of students. The author added that with the desire need for English language teaching, there has been to reduce the poor performance of secondary schools students in English language hence the efforts have been proven abortive as all aimed a training perfect teachers who will in turn equip our students on the use of English language which shows important English language and learning is to our part of the world.According to Tabi-Artin (2004) to torn part of the global world and to able to fit into the Nigeria society and to get good and excellent result from external examination such as West African examination council and national examination council it is very important that secondary school students are exposed to the English language at the early state and regular interval of their educational setup. According to the author this is because the English language is necessary for every meaningful and effective academic work and that it is the official language in Nigerian which everybody is expected to formally use in governmental affairs the media, commerce, the banks and the like and it has become the communication medium across a country faced with different language. The author added that English language services as a unifying force amongst Nigerians and it is the language of the press and the professional’s as such English helps people to travel all around the world without any difficulty of interaction.However French (2004) pointed out that the English language of the learning has been a problem in Nsukka zone and the country of large due to its second language nature and the deficiencies of the methodology used by the teachers. The author further pointed out that “A tautly large proportion of discussion on educational issues in Nigeria is focused on the problem of failing students in performance of secondary school and country to the problem of failing edandards is the inability to read and follow simple instructions due to simple instructions due to weak/ poor performance of student in English language. The author also claims the teaching of English language as a second language in Nigeria schools comes with its own challenges and the students of this country require training especially in the English language for a successful academic performance. The author added that in Nsukka zone today even tailors, hair dressers and other businessmen need to pass and examination in English language before they can earn their certificates and transact business successfully.Uzo (2010) is of the opinion that English is the medium of instruction in primary schools, secondary schools and treating education and it is the government that decides on which language should be the international medium. The author added that for induce it is stated in the national policy on Education with it as the medium of instruction throughout secondary school, but despite are not compete tent and effective in English language.According to Grege (1992) there are factors that have been associated with student’s poor performance from various schools are as the author posits that students in secondary school may have difficulties in using the language with adequate performance of the secondary schools. According to the author ninny reasons that causes poor performance of secondary schools in English language such as the wealeness of curriculum design lade of qualified English teachers, lack of student’s motivation, school resources class size different of social contents and cultural environment. Nevertheless Hashemi (2011) assert that students who are generally weak in English language performance are found in many parts of the world especially countries that English language is not spoken as the mother tongue and that English language is only used as an official language in many nations but also as the central language of communication in the world wide.1.1    Statement of the Problem Over the years in Nigeria and in Nsukka zone in particular there has been a consistent decline in student’s performance in English language. The ugly situation has caused teachers presents curriculum experts and evaluators a serious concern, in the some vain English language as a global language can be used for communication with native speakers and non-native speakers in the world wide especially in the education section all                Universities colleges’ f education, secondary schools need it for their studies in order to search information and obtain knowledge.Specifically, students in collaboration of corrupt teachers has always device a way out examination malpractices special and miracle centre becomes the order of the day after all, the end justifies the means; the is mostly common in private schools and those schools in remote areas that lack supervision. However, the half baked students with good results but cannot defined if have serious implication of producing qualify of students. There is the need to study the cause of the for performance it is on this premise that the researchers seek to investigate the causes of poor performance English language among secondary schools students in Nsukka zone.1.2    purpose of the studyThe general objective of the study is to investigate the causes of poor performance in English language among secondary school students in Nsukka zone,a.    Ascertain the extents of students performance in English language in Nsukka zone b.    To determine the factors responsible for poor performance in English language among secondary school students in Nsukka zone.c.    To determine measures that will reduce student’s poor performance in English language in Nsukka zone. 1.3    significance of the study:In this let age, there is no compromise about ensuring that quality of education is realized. the outcome of the study will be source of immense information and will help educational planners counselors and administration towards ensuring that our educational system will not be thrown to the dust bin resources planners in the state and federal government audio Nsukka zone in particular will also derive a wealth o knowledge from it.In addition it will acts as a guide for recruitment of qualified teachers in different fields and enhancing English language learning. Finally it will be a source of enlightenment to student’s parent’s institutions government and the society of large.1.4    Research Question:The following research questions are formulated to guide the study;1.    What are the extents of student’s performance in English language in Nsukka zone?2.    What are the factors responsible for poor performance of secondary school students in English language in Nsukka zone?3.    What are the possible measures to reducing student’s poor performance in English language in Nsukka zone?1.5    Scope of the Study:The study will be carried in the local Government under Nsukka zone namely Igbo Etiti, Igboeze North, Igboeze South, Nsukka, Udenu, Uzo Uwari on the poor performance in English language among secondary school student.





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