DESIGN AND IMPLEMENT STUDENT REGISTRATION AND ONLINE PAYMENT PORTAL.                                                             TABLE OF CONTENTTITLE PAGECERTIFICATIONDEDICATIONACKNOWLEDGEMENTTABLE OF CONTENTCHAPTER ONE:     BACKGROUND OF STUDY1.1    INTRODUCTION1.2    CASE STUDY: STUDENT UNION GOVERNMENT (OGITECH CHAPTER) 1.3        THE EXISTING SYSTEM1.4    PROBLEMS WITH EXISTING SYSTEM1.5    THE NEW PROPOSED SYSTEM1.6    AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY1.7    SCOPE AND LIMITATION OF THE STUDY1.8    DEFINITION OF TERMSCHAPTER TWO2.1    LITERATURE REVIEW2.2    HISTORY OF ONLINE PAYMENT SYSTEM2.3    ELECTRONIC PAYMENT SYSTEM2.4    ELECTRONIC FUND TRANSFER2.5    ELECTRONIC CASH2.6    PAYMENT CARDS2.7    PAYMENT SERVICE PROVIDERSCHAPTER   THREE:     SYSTEM   ANALYSIS AND DESIGN3.1         SYSTEM ANALYSIS3.2         INPUT DESIGN3.3         PROGRAM DESIGN3.4       OUTPUT DESIGNCHAPTER    FOUR4.1         SYSTEM   IMPLEMENTATION.4.2        SYSTEM REQUIREMENT HARDWARE SPECIFICATION.4.3        SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT.4.4        PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE USED.4.5          DATABASE   USED4.6        COMPUTERISED SYSTEM DESCRIPTION FOR S.U.G. EXCO OFFICER(S)4.7        SYSTEM TESTINGCHAPTER FIVE:     CONCLUSION, RECOMMENDATION AND SUMMARY5.1         CONCLUSION5.2        RECOMMENDATIONS5.3        SUMMARYREFERENCESAPPENDIXSOURCE CODE                           CHAPTER ONEBACKGROUND OF STUDY1.1    INTRODUCTIONThe trend shows that more Nigerians do financial transactions electronically viabanks ATMs, internet banking and SMS-banking. It was reported that in Nigeria majorbank, the number of ATM transactions is 3.5 to 4 million (of total 5 million transactions) in a single day. In another bank, the ATM transactions are increased by 32% annually. Still,the banks in Nigeria seem to be confident that the ATM transactions would keep onincreasing in the next several years as they continue to add more ATMs in the entire areas of Nigeria. As reported, currently, web technology has also been used widely. Inline with this trend, the internet transactions in Nigeria are also increased fantastically (up to87% in a single quarter) so is the SMS and mobile banking transactions. Withthis trend, it could be said that conducting transactions electronically has been becomingnecessity and way of life of Nigerians.By considering the trend, it is necessary that higher education institutions (HEIs) in Nigeria,where most depend on the students’ fees to operate, provide electronic payment services forthe students. Since students in an HEI might origin from all over area of Nigeria, and theirfees might be paid directly by their parents, it would be best if the payment system could beaccessed through the banks wide ATM network, internet, and cellular network established inNigeria. What a pity, though, the result of our survey on the HEI websites reveals that amongmore than 3000 HEIs in Nigeria, only less than one thousand have been operating “online systempayment” where most of their online systems accept payment transactions conducted in limitedor a few banks network only. Certainly, this could be considered as a drawback in terms ofcatching up with IT use and fulfilling the Nigerians needs of electronic transactions. Byconducting limited survey on a few HEIs, I also found the fact that the financial HEImanagements nowadays still encounter problems related to balancing the total of student billswith the actual payment made. They are also having difficulties in generating the up to date yetaccurate financial reports. These, of course, cause inefficiencies in the HEIs.Developing Electronic Payment System (EPS) to handle union bills and payment is a complextask, since students’ and parents’ behavior as well as their needs, HEI managementrequirement, integration with the academic information system, IT infrastructure, banksproducts offered and banks collaboration must be addressed. The task is also challenging as theliteratures acknowledge that IT projects are high-risk. (It was reported that 34% of IT projectswere late or over budget, 31% were abandoned, scaled back or modified, only 24% werecompleted on time and on budget. Also reported that only 28% of softwaredevelopment projects were successful.)Contributions: Despite the urgent needs of EPS for HEIs and the challenge in developing one,we could find research results of EPS concerning with e-commerce or government institutionsonly. Therefore, this paper is intended to contribute in presentingthe development method and model of EPS for student unions (a HEIs type with the largestnumber in Nigeria), which specifically ensure the project success. Our approach is: Wedefine the key success factors in the early stage of requirement gathering, then, in the followingstages, the student union government policies and system models are designed in such a way to ensure that keysuccess factors are achieved. As the banks maintain confidentiality of their system for the sakeof security, detailed discussion of the system development could only be presented for thesystem component owned by the student union. The research is conducted in a well-known polytechnic in Nigeria.1.2    CASE STUDY: STUDENT UNION GOVERNMENT (OGITECH CHAPTER) Student Union Government (OGITECH CHAPTER) was founded in 2013 with some elected executives, legislative and electoral body; some of the executives are president, vice president, transport director, sports director general secretary and etc.The student union Government comprises of 3 organ namely:1.     The Executive Council2.    The Student Representative Council3.     The Judiciary1.    EXECUTION COUNCIL FUNCTIONS1.    The management of the union shall be entrusted to an executive council, which shall serve for one academic year. The executive shall be elected in the second semester.2.    The executive council shall super intend and control the affair of the union and cater for the interest of its members. It shall submit its annual budget of less 15% of its total income to the student representative council within a month into a new academic session. The 15% saving will be paid into a separate account known as the student trust account, such savings would be used for contingency purpose (s) that are beneficial to the student body subject to the approval of the S.R.C PRESIDENT, DIRECTOR OF FINANCE and TREASURER. The executive council shall organize an annual student union week otherwise known as “POLYWEEK” in accordance with the article 2© of the constitution.3.    It shall be the responsibility of the union executive to fix union dues subject to approval of the student representative council which shall be paid into specified account in the bank.4.    Membership fee shall be subject to review when necessary by the executive council to meet the needs of the union. Such fees shall be approved by the student representative council.5.    The executive council shall prepare the semester programme and present if to the house of representative within a month into the semester for approval. The house of representative shall within 7 days of receiving the programme return the vetted version to the executive council for presentation to the house of senate for ratification.6.    In the event of any matter arising which is not wholly or in any part covered by the rules of the union, the executive council with the approval of the student representative council shall have powers deal with such matter to the best of the union.7.    Shall exercise any other duties that may be assigned to it by the student representative councilOFFICER AND QUALIFICATION OF THE EXECUTIVE COUNCILThe executive council comprises of:i.    Presidentii.    Vice Presidentiii.    Secretary Generaliv.    Assistant Secretary Generalv.    Director of Socialsvi.    Director of Publicityvii.    Director of Welfareviii.    DeputyDirector of Welfareix.    Director of Financex.    Treasurerxi.    Director of Sports Any student union member shall be qualified to vote and be voted for to serve in the executive council provided such student is:1.    A fully registered student of the polytechnic2.    Has obtained a cumulative grade point of not below 2.50 (with or without carry over) in the current session or in the absence of the first semester result a G.P.A of not less than 2.50 at the end of the previous session.3.    Is not found to have been involve in fraud, misappropriation of fund and anti-union activities within then polytechnic4.    Is not a member of any unlawful association within and outside the polytechnic5.    Is not on industrial attachment6.    Is not gainfully employed by any employer7.    Does not hold execution position in any registered club/society or if he hold such position (s) shall relinquish same prior or nomination.The post of the president and secretary general has been reserved for those  student who have spent at least a session in the institution as matriculated student and have served the union in the past as a member of the student representative council or S.U.G executive of there is a strong evidence of leadership and service to the institution. This is also applicable to the senate president and speaker of the house of Representative.2.    STUDENTS REPRESENTATIVE COUNCILThere shall be a student representative council (SRC) which shall be the highest legislative body of the union. It consists of the House of Representative.HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVEThe House of Representative consists of members elected by popular vote on class basis. Each class consist a constituency. Member shall meet appointment date by SUECO after being duly elected to elect the officers of House of Representatives. Shall form a quorum by two-third of its members and shall carry any motion by a simple majority of the House. Shall exercise such other power to be delegated to it according to the provision of this constitution.OFFICERS OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVESThe House of Representatives have the following officers. Speaker,  Deputy Speaker, Clerk of the house, Deputy Clerk, Sergeant at arms. The election of the above officials shall be such that no school in the institution shall fill more than on position. For the purpose of the first meeting at which above officers shall be elected by the SUECO Chairman or his Representative shall preside over the meeting and conduct the election.1.     SPEAKER2.    DEPUTY SPEAKER3.    CLERK OF THE HOUSE.4.    DEPUTY CLERK OF THE HOUSE5.    SERGENT OF ARMS3.    JUDICIARYThe judiciary comprises of the Judicial Council and the Court of Appeal.A.         JUDICIAL COUNCIL            There shall be a Judicial Council for the Students Union of OGITECHPolytechnic.(i)          The Judicial Council l comprise of two members from each school who shall hereafter be referred to as judges.(ii)         Judges shall meet on an appointed day by SUECO after been duly elected to elect the officers of the judiciary.(iii)        The Judicial Council shall be headed by the Chief Judge who shall be elected form among the judges.(iv)       The Judicial Council shall be formed in the second semester.(v)         The term of office of the Judicial Council shall be one academic session.(vi)       The Judicial Council shall be independent and members shall enjoy a secured tenure of the office and shall hold office until a new full Judicial body is constituted to replace them.(vii)       There shall be a by-election in case of any vacancy.(viii)       They shall comprise of HND students who must have spent at least one academic session in the Polytechnic.OFFICERS OF THE JUDICIAL COUNCILThere shall be:(i)    A Chief Judge.(ii)    Registrar.(iii)     Deputy Registrar.The tenure of office for the organs of the union or any office holder is one academic session.1.3        THE EXISTING SYSTEMStudent Union Government of Ogun State Institute of Technology Accountoffice was created by the school management during the Prince Sola Adetutu Administration with the primary objective of satisfying the institute a qualified student unionism. Therefore as an important arm of the school system it has to be consistently developed to meet this need.The student union government currently boosts of a well-qualifiedtreasurer and committed administrative assistants who are highly meticulous in carrying out the various student payment procedures. However a few lapses have been noticed especially in the managing of student’s information in terms of accessing student payment details.    The present system operates a manual system of data collation and Processing of student registrationand union due.As a result the following problems are evident: 1. Inaccuracy in data documentation of student’s information. 2. Problems of data insecurity or misrepresentation.     3. Time wastage and other problems associated with manual method of data processing.1.4    PROBLEMS WITH EXISTING SYSTEMThe highlighted problems of the existing system are listed below:i.    The existing system does not does not allow online student registration of the unionii.    The existing system is not flexible, robust.iii.    The existing system cannot check student details online and also it cannot be used to register students’ referee details.iv.    The existing system cannot be queried all because the size of the database is very small.1.5    THE NEW PROPOSED SYSTEMThe new proposed system will be running on a server, using Dreamweaver as the front end and MySQL which will serve as the database at the back end with java script, cascading style sheet (CSS) and php script application to build the new system and couple it as executable program, whereby it will be running or operating on a micro-computer or a standalone computer system which will be launched on a server (WAN) for every applicant to use. The newly proposed system will be menu driven program, whereby it will display some sets of control that the user will be viewing to make selection of an object.  The new proposed system will also be able to receive data from the keyboard in the student registration page, such as first name, last name, age, sex, local government, state, nationality, contact address, phone no, registration of student at the beginning of each session and checking of student dues etc. and it will process the data been received from the keyboard based on the condition specified by the user and the data received.The new proposed system will be able to register:i.    New students into the association.ii.    All levels that students are will be registered because levels due are not the same.iii.    The new proposed system will update and delete unwanted existing records in the database.iv.    The new proposed system will determine the failed and successful transaction made by each student.1.6    AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDYThe main objective of the study is to DESIGN AND IMPLEMENT STUDENT REGISTRATION AND  ONLINE PAYMENT PORTAL. Other specific objectives are:a.     To know the advantages of Online Payment Portal b.     To know the associated problems with the Online Payment Portalc.     To find solution or suggest solution to the problems of automated Online Payment Portal.1.7    SCOPE AND LIMITATION OF THE STUDYThe software shall be used to register student online.The software shall be used to pay S.U.G due onlineThe software shall use a Vogue pay payment gateway for online transaction1.8    DEFINITION OF TERMSPAYMENT GATEWAY – An avenue where by payment can be made via web.ATM - Automated Teller Machine. A cash machine.CREDIT CARD – A plastic card, usually with a magnet strip or an embedded microchip, connected to be a credit account and used to buy goods or services.ONLINE – This describes a system which is connected (generally electrically) to a larger network. Hence SUG – Student Union Government. The elected student representative body that represents the entire student of an institution within the school and outside the school.





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