Road Transportation was viewed by the researcher as a sine qua non in the economy whether developed or developing. Road transportation is seen as the engine of an economy. It links producers, suppliers, consumers and commuters. But poor, ineffective and inefficient road transportation system have crippled development and the collapse of many economic and social activities which have resulted in dissatisfaction among the customers in the industry. This is characterized by poor management that has resulted in the loss of life and property including damages worth unquantifiable amount of money. The researcher used primary and secondary sources and methods of data collection in the study. The researcher presented the data in tables and used simple percentages to analyze the data obtained. The findings of the research among others were that road transportation is very essential for the movement of goods and people. Inefficient roads all over the country make commuters uncomfortable. Lack of maintenance culture by drivers always result in breaking down of vehicles and poor services rendered to customers causes dissatisfaction. The researcher recommended that good roads  must be put in place to address the situation. Regular maintenance of vehicles and roads and provision of quality customer services that will satisfy the commuters who constantly use the roads and vehicles for their economic activities. Drivers who operate vehicles through the use of road can be improved by; 

1. Regular workshop for them on the use of roads. 

2. Motivational provision such as allowances for accident free driving in a period of time

3. Other allowances for vehicle maintenance, provision of uniform and bonuses especially during feast days like Christmas are also recommended as incentives and motivational tools.

4. Prefencial system of payment.. 


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CHAPTER ONE: Introduction

1. Background of  the study 1

1.2 Statement of the problem 2

1.3 Objectives/purpose of the study 4

1.4 Research question/hypothesis 5

1.5 Significant of the study 5

1.6 Scope of the study 6

1.7 Limitation of the study 6

1.8 Definition of special terms 7

References 8

CHAPTER TWO: Review of the Related Literature 

2.1 Theoretical framework 11

2.2 Historical background 15

2.3 Current literature on theories postulated above    16

References 37

CHAPTER THREE: Research Design and Methodology 

3.1 Research design 38

3.2 Sources of data 38

3.2.1 Primary source of data 38

3.2.2 Secondary source of data 39

3.3 The population of the study 39

3.4 Determination of sample size 40

3.5 Methods of data collection 41

3.5.1 Questionnaire design, distribution and

collection of responses 41

3.6 Methods of data presentation and analysis 42

CHAPTER FOUR: Data Presentation and Analysis 

Data presentation 43

Demographic characteristics 43

CHAPTER FIVE: Summary of Findings, Recommendation Conclusion 

5.1 Summary of findings 61

5.3 Conclusion 62

5.2 Recommendation 63

Bibliography 64

Appendixes 66



Table 4.1.1 Distribution and retrieval of 

Questionnaire 43

Table 4.1.2 Sex distribution of respondents 44

Table 4.1.3 Age distribution of respondents 44

Table 4.1.4 Distribution of respondents by 

marital status 45

Table 4.1.5 Distribution of respondents by 

academic qualification 46

Table 4.1.6 Distribution of respondents on

duration of patronage 47

Table 4.1.7 Distribution of respondents on the 

relationship between management 

and customers 48

Table 4.1.8 Distribution of respondents on 

assessment of the management 49

Table 4.1.9 Distribution of respondents on 

assessment of the drivers 50

Table 4.1.10 Distribution of respondents on the

goal of the company 51

Table 4.2.0 Distribution of respondents on 

assessment of the vehicle they have 

entered or traveled with 52

Table 4.2.1 Distribution of respondents on whether

drivers travel with manifest 53

Table 4.2.2 Distribution of respondents on what 

they say about the services being

given or received from Peace Mass 

Transit 54

Table 4.2.3 Distribution of respondents on 

having opportunity to patronize

somewhere else 55

Table 4.2.4 Distribution of respondents 

on their opinion of the problem

facing the enterprise 56

Table 4.2.5 Distribution of respondents on

whether Peace Mass Transit has well

trained and efficient staff 57

Table 4.2.6 Distribution of respondents on the 

role of transportation management 58

Table 4.2.7 Distribution of respondents on 

whether transportation company has

adequate modern technology 59




Road Transportation is a necessary end right from early history. The mobility of people and materials especially in the present days become one of the greatest needs that have to be adequately satisfied on our society and economy at large.

Transportation is referred to as the engine of the economy  (Kunri 2005:79). This means that with out transportation management system, the entire economy will suffer stagnation. Transportation helps to bridge the gap between producers, suppliers and industrials users as well as individual commuters.

Research has shown that transportation alone account for about 46% of the total physical distribution costs for manufacturing companies and 28 % for reseller companies

It is important to note that not much success can be accomplish in manufacturing, distribution of goods and services including the movement of people without transportation.

It is as a result of the great importance attached to transportation that man has over the years developed various transportation modes in other to facilitate the movement of people and materials. The mode of transportation selected will greatly depend on price, time, delivery, condition and destination, customer’s patronage, and past purchase satisfaction.

This poor transportation management can therefore jeopardize the source of procurement of materials; goods and services, movement or people and even course increase in prices and loss of lives.


Poor road transportation management is one major problem that is affecting the growth of the economy. Poor road transportation management has led to the ineffectiveness and collapse of the Nigerian road system that suppose to carry bulky goods from one city to another and has made inflation to be high. This in turn has bounced as the road transportation system characteristized by heavy duty lorries overworking the road system and the resultant effect is damages of roads causing accidents and loss of lives and property.

Poor management of Peace mass transit transportation system has caused breakdown of vehicles that has resulted in goods and movement of people not being able to reach their destination on time.

This poor management of road transportation systems has cost the nation a damaged image, loss of huge amount of money, loss of lives and properties and most customers are greatly dissatisfied with condition of road transportation in Nigeria.

Lack of poor technological development to monitor or regulate the speed of vehicles, lack of clean vehicles, high overloading of men and goods are great problems to road transportation. In addition, the poor attitude of drivers towards their passengers is nothing to write home about.


The over all objective of this research is to investigate the impact of road transportation management that will yield satisfaction to customers.

The specific objectives include:

To explore the operation of road transportation management in Nigeria as regard to peace mass Transit.

To identify the problems of road transportation management in Nigeria   

To determine the contribution obtained from effective road transportation management in Nigeria.

To identify the impact of road transportation management on the Nigerian economy

To make useful recommendation to road transportation management in Nigeria.


1. Does road transportation management play any important role in the movement of goods and services? 

Are commuters satisfied when there is breakdown of vehicle on the high way?

Are commuters satisfied when they do not reach their destination as scheduled?

Are commuters satisfied when driver is at high speed limit?

Does Peace Mass transportation company have adequate modern technology and infrastructure to the satisfaction of customer?


This study will be useful to many sectors of the economy, as little research has been done on this area. Thus road transport companies, ministry of works, transport, and academic will benefit immensely from this study. 

Also, the commuters, manufacturing companies and businessmen especially the middlemen will equally benefit from the study.


This research work covers the road transportation system in Nigeria with special focus to PMT, their functions operationalization, problems and government policies to regulate this industry as to deliver maximum satisfaction to the public.


The researcher faced some limitation during the course of this research. Some branches or Peace Mass transport companies were unwillingly to supply the needed information due to the confidential and sensitive of the data. Thus research work have to source for the available data.

Time and financial factor were also the major factors as the timeframe to submit the project was too short for an extensive research. Lack of adequate finance to fund the researcher as to visit many places was another major setback.


MOT: Ministry of Transport 

VIO: Vehicle Inspector Officer

FSLC: First School Leaving Certificate 

WEAC: West African Examination Council

 NCE: National Certificate of Education

OND: Ordinary National Diploma 

BSc: Bachelor of Science

HND: Higher National Diploma   

PMT: Peace  Mass  TransitREFERENCES

Okakunori, O.K. (2006). Transportation Management. Enugu: Grovani Publishers. 

Vewere, T. A (2000). Business Management. Benin City: Flovent System Publishers.

Ineigbenebor, A. U. (2005), Introduction to Business. Benin City: Uri Publishing Ltd.




Transportation is the movement of people and goods from one location to the other. It is a means by which goods (raw material, production equipment, operating inventories, semi-finished goods and finished goods) as well as people are able to get to or be made available where they are needed for commercials or non-commercial purposes, as at when desired. The mobility (transportation of people and materials) is therefore one of the greatest needs that have to be adequately satisfied in any society if any meaningful level of social interaction, co-operation, production activities, economic and other types of development, and the enhancement of human welfare is to be achieved. This is the reason why road transport is popularly referred to as the engine and wheel of the society (Olakunori; 1992:69) it helps the world to go round and function actively.

The necessity of road transport in the society can easily be realized when we consider the daily activities of an average person. He takes road transport to his place of work or business. The goods he bought are brought to him by  means of road transportation. He moves around to interact with others and goes to church activities with the aid of road transport. The police that ensure his peace and security depends greatly on road  transport for him to carryout their duties effectively.

Road transportation provides the essential activities of time and place. Utility of time entails making things available when they are needed. One of the industries where time utility is of a major essence is that of the daily newspapers. This industry greatly depends on road transport to ensure that its vendors and papers get to customers early in the morning when the news they carry is still regarded as fresh. As day wear on, the news becomes stale and lose it’s values and prices.

Road transport helps to provide and add place to goods by making consumers where they are needed. Most goods would be of no use to consumers if they are not made available at the places where they are needed for sale, purchase and or consumption 

Hence the need for producers and marketers or business entrepreneurs to put in place an effective and efficient transport system for timely delivery of goods and services to adequately deliver satisfaction to the society is a necessary evil that can never be overemphasized


This study or research shall be hinged on anchored on Maslow theory of motivation otherwise also known as the theory of satisfaction. Maslow clearly stated that needs that are satisfied do not motivate but unsatisfied needs motivate. And that satisfaction occurs when the performance exceed desired expectation otherwise will occur when performance fall short of the desired expectation( Ijeware, 2000:18)


Theories of satisfaction

According to Ijeware (2000:20) Maslow’s advanced the following important proposition about human behaviour.

Humans are wanting beings: They always ask for more. As soon as one need is satisfied, another appears. In this place, this process is unending. It continues from birth to death. Therefore, although a particular need becomes satisfied, needs  in general cannot be satisfied.

A satisfied need can not give room for improvement, only unsatisfied need will give way for improvement

Human needs are arranged in a series of levels i.e hierarchy of importance. As soon as needs on a lower level is satisfied, the one  on a higher level appears and demand satisfaction. 

Thus, Maslow felt that several different level of need exist within individuals and these needs related to each other in the form of hierarchy. His hierarchy of need consist of five levels which are physiological needs, satisfy (security) needs, social needs, esteem need and self-actualization needs.



Esteem Needs 

Affiliation or acceptance needs 

Safety needs 

Basic or physiological needs 

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Source: Ijewere 2000 ; 21.

Physiological needs: These are the basic needs that people satisfy in order to keep alive. They include food, water warmth shelter and sleep. Maslow is of the view that until these needs are reasonably satisfied to the extent to maintain life, other need will not emerge.

Security or safety needs: Once the physiological needs are relatively satisfaction, the individual’s safety needs influence his behaviour. These need have to do with man’s yearning to be free from physical dangers and pains.

Affiliation or acceptance needs: the individual is a social being and he implicitly expresses the desire for companionship, love and acceptance. He seeks the love of affliction of family and friends and affiliation with meaningful groups both in the community as at work. It is necessary to emphasize  that people may join other partly to satisfy affection needs and partly for grater security.

Esteem needs: When affiliation needs are satisfied, new need emerge, the desire for social esteem and prestige. People want to be seen as different from others. Everyone want to be equal but some people want to be more equal than others. At work a position of authority, a company car, an office carpel are means by which self esteem need are satisfied.

Needs for self actualization: At the top of the need hierarchy is the individual’s drive for achievement, creativity and growth guided by the motto: what a person can be, he must be, the individual would want to create and achieve everything which he is capable. He satisfies the need for achievement by the process of expanding effort and experiencing successful completion.

The drive of self-assertion varies in intensity from person to person. While almost every one has the need to be independent and to excise initiatives, for some people the desire for self assertionship over into a strong desire for power.

Normally, people wants to have an opportunity for growth. Only few people will be fully dedicated to their work, if the feelings that they can grow in the job is not given, satisfaction come from process of achieving growth as much as from the accomplishment itself. However, individual varies gratify in the kind and amount of satisfaction to which they aspire.



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