Chapter one                                                                                     

1.     Introduction

: The profession of school career counseling took its initiative of steps from the United States as movement of vocational guidance at the beginning of the 20th century. Jesse B. Davis is known the first in providing a well organized school guidance program. In the 1907, he was the principal of a high school used to motivate the teacher to instruct English composition lesson to develop career interest, develop character, and avoid traditional actions.. In 1908s Frank Parsons is father of vocational guidance used to assist people bring change in school work. . In the 1920 to The1930s School counseling and guidance grow up owing to the rise of progressive education in school with new global era .National Association for College Admission Counseling, this movement had emphasized on personal, social and moral development. Counseling plays an important role in educational Institution is to bring social personal, career development an individual life. It assists students acquiring good attitude, knowledge, skill  help them in different setting and also it enables one to make proper career selection so as to take necessary actions to achieve goals. In twenty first century counseling focuses on the learner’s development, critical thinking, creativity, self-direction and leadership as instructing professional skills, teamwork and culture awareness.

Researcher states that counseling and guidance can play a paramount role and have long-standing effects on students’ well-being and stop the learners from moving to violence drug alcohol abuse. It can improve students; academic achievement shows positive effect on learner’s grade, it surely enhances the capability of academic performance of the students very effectively. Counseling builds the self-confidence of the learner for decision making and problem solving, but in Turbat the role of career counseling is very low. The choice of career selection has been one the serious problem in secondary schools 0f Turbat. Career planning in coming days itself is the first responsibilities of school to provide counseling in every level for students. The factors influencing the choice of career among secondary school students in Turbat is lack of consulted authority. Environment, personality and opportunity lack of awareness about subjects and fields because of these obstacles and barriers that create plenty of impacts on the upcoming generation in this modern era.

As mentioned above career counseling lacks its efficiency in Turbat, and it has its negative impacts on today’s readers who are struggling to become tomorrow’s leaders. Any one becomes a lecturer his performance becomes weak as considered on duty, mostly after B.A (Bachelor of Arts) I interviewed few candidates in Turbat.They said that many of the students sit to appear in PCS (Public Commission service) CSS (Central Superior Service) but thousands of students are fighting for only some two or three jobs, it manifests that Hundred of the students face failure in this exams and loss their times, because they are never aware of the correct procedure of this situation due to lack of proper career counseling.

1.2 Organization

My topic covers the area of Turbat , where I visit the schools and colleges of Turbat.

1.3            Purpose of doing the Study

The reason of doing this study is to highlight factor influencing the choice of career among secondary school students. Further the researcher will put attempts to know the real scale of divisions which prevent choice of career in Kech and later on puts impacts on the future leaders.  The major zones which are disturbing career counseling are environment, opportunity and personality. And the determination of the study is to identify the most important aspect within these three factors that affect the career selections of pupil of Turbat.1.4 Statement of the Problem

The school children mostly don’t get career counseling in Turbat area from their early age of education, especially the students who come from city side areas. Declaration of the problem there is no strong procedure that learners of Mekran have used to make career selections, the learners of school, college and university should have the opportunity to explore all of the choices available so as to make a logical, educated strategy when selecting a career.

1.5 Research Questions

What are the most important factors which made the role of career counseling weak in Turbat and leaves negative impacts on future leaders?

How does environment influence the choice of career in secondary school students in Turbat

How does personality affect the choice of career in secondary school students in Turbat.

What are impacts of opportunity have in choosing career selection in secondary school students in Turbat.

1.6 Significance of the Study

Many of the researchers put their attempts to write about the career counseling in any area of the world but so for the choice of career  in Turbat has not been discussed or discovered. Now this thesis finds out the gaps and lapses of the career counseling in Turbat and what will be the impacts on students.  The importance of the study is as blew.

The students will be able to find out the true career selection.

That student understands the importance of career counseling in the field education before going colleges

It leads the students to take a proper decision at the right direction at correct time.

1.7 Objective of the study

The main purpose of the study is.

To recognize the impact of environment on the choice of career selection in secondary school students in Turbat.

To explore the influence of opportunity on the choice of career among the secondary school students in Turbat.

To analyze impression of personality in choosing of career selection in the secondary school students in Turbat.

                                Theoretical     framework                                                                                                                        Career choice

Environment           Opportunity           Personality

Family                      Emerge trend         Economic

Parent                      Development         Awareness

Counselor                Fashion                   Motivation



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