TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                          Title page Approval Certification Dedication Acknowledgement Abstract Table of Contents List of FiguresCHAPTER ONE:     INTRODUCTION 1.1       Background of the Study       1.2       Statement of the Problem       1.3       Objectives of the Study          1.4       Significance of the Study       1.5      Scope of the project     1.6       Limitation of the study           1.7      Definition of terns/variables     CHAPTER TWO:                LITERATURE REVIEWS 2.1       Overview of Expert System   2.2       Prominent expert systems and languages 2.3       The study of expert systems   2.3.1    Knowledge representation      2.3.2    Knowledge engineer   2.4.      End user          2.4.1     Explanation system 2.5       Expert systems versus problem-solving systems         2.6       Individuals involved with expert systems     2.7       Application of expert systems            2.8       Advantages and disadvantages 2.9       Types of problems solved by expert systems

CHAPTER THREE:            ANALYSIS OF EXISTING SYSTEM AND NEW 3.1Systems Design      3.2 Fact finding method 3.3   objective of a new system 3.4   Input analysis      of existing system 3.5       Output analysis of existing system 3.6       Information flow diagram      3.7       Problem of existing system                

3.8       Justification of a new system 

CHAPTER FOUR:              DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION AND TESTING OF A NEW SYSTEM 4.1       System design 4.1.1    User Interface design 4.1.2    Database design         

    1. Language choice        

4.3       Choice of the environment 4.4       Implementation           4.4.1    Main system implementation 4.4.2    Data implementation   4.5       Software testing          4.5.1    Testing plan     4.5.2    System testing 4.5.3    Main system driver testing 4.5.4    Database Testing         4.6       Cost Analysis/Evaluation

CHAPTER FIVE:                SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION 5.1       Summary of achievement 5.2       Problems encountered solutions 5.3       Recommendations      5.4       Suggestions for further improvement 5.5       Conclusion      BIBLOGRAPHY                  APPENDICES


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