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3.0     OVERVIEW OF THE EXISTING SYSTEM3.1     GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THE EXISTING SYSTEM In the existing system, the stadium operates indifferent kind of manual processing which includes ticket processing and file maintenance.  The organization depends on an individual that is employed to keep data which is done manually with the use of paper and other things.  Everything that is done in the existing system are manually and not all that reliable.

3.2     METHODS OF DATA COLLECTION USED The investigation of the current system was in order to obtain detailed fact about the application area to be designed in the investigation of research, the methods used were interviewing and evaluation of office files and tickets. INFORMATION Oral interview was conducted with the management of the organization.  Reliable data was gotten based on the questions that I asked the management.  This method yield the most profitable result as it is obtained by physical contact, hence a firsthand information is gotten.  The essential element of the interview is obtained directly and in a short time in other methods.  Because immediate feedback is gotten, it gives the opportunity to ask questions and hence obtain a detailed response.


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