The objective of this project work was the design and implementation of a computerized judicial system. The need arose due to the rigorous work involves in the judicial process and finally the end judgment. in this project work system design used pure module approach and normalized data structure that face litates easy usage  and independent working of the modules. It has user interface structure and user friend liness as its features. The design was implemented using QBASE programming language that facilitates easy file maintenance. The change over was effectively done by using parallel change over which made room for proper testing of the new system. the implementation of using accurate and timely data collected, storage and retrieval when needed cannot be an indispensable part of this project work. Hence in our program which can be implemented in IBM Compatible correcting the files updating also form the nucleus of this project. In this project it was found that in this system, court reporting are being done on special stenographic machines which a programme was developed that was capable of transcribing the stenographic tape automatically into computer readable tape. The result of this was transcripts could be produced on a high speed print without any delay at all. This solution has been investigated by “Aspen system corporation” in the united states. The form the main objective of this project work.


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