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Distribution is a system through which goods produced are transferred from the production area to the final consumer through different channels. It ensures that people will be able to obtain production when and where needed. It involves the actual movement of product as well as their ownership. To the ultimate consumers processing of any Nigerian company especially N.B.L 9th mile Enugu to be computerized to help save difficulties encountered during the distribution of the final product. In Nigerian Breweries PLC 9th mile Enugu, where drinks like Star Lager Beer, Guilder the Ultimate, Legend Stout Beer, Guinness Stout and Guinness Malt, Amstel Malt are produced, distribution is done manually. So the aim of this project is to computerized the distribution processing and monitor the company goods.


Distribution as often said is a system by which products are transferred from the production area to the final consumer through different channels like wholesalers, retailers etc. distribution started when the idea of producing goods came up. If goods are produced without being sold, it becomes a waste of time, money and resources. Distribution takes different forms. There are goods produced that need to be distributed directly to the final consumer and there are some that will undergo certain processes. E.g. the distribution channels before it gets to the final consumer. There are some companies e.g. Nigeria Breweries 9th mile which are situated or sited at the urban area. Goods produced here cannot reach those that need them in the rural area and other urban area where the goods are not produced. This is the reason why distribution is necessary and through the help of distribution channels these products get to those that need them.


This has to do with the title of the project, which is the design, and implementation of a computerized product in distribution monitoring system in Nigeria Breweries PLC 9th mile. Due to the setback experienced in the distribution of drinks in Nigeria Breweries PLC using manual method, the company finds it difficult and useful to spread or disseminate information on distribution. The problem caused by the use of manual method can only be solved by computerizing the distribution processing.

1.3     PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The main purposes of this project are

  1. To computerize the distribution product in monitoring system in Nigerian Breweries PLC 9th mile.
  2. To devise the effective efficient cost effective means of using automated or computerized method to disseminate or spread information
  3. To ensure adequate circulation of finished product.
  4. To facilitate the services of the company to its customer.
  5. To increase turn over.

1.4     SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The beneficiaries of this study are.

  1. The manufacturers.
  2. The wholesaler
  3. The retailers
  4. The consumer.

Computerization of the distribution processing will help the manufacturer know the brand that has the highest demand and produced it more.


There will be no market if the wholesalers carry goods, which the customers will reject. They know the taste of their customers and types of goods they like most. These are the one they will demand or request.


The retailers sell direct to customers. They know that their customers like and dislike so this study help know the actual products they prefer.


Computerization of distribution processing will help the customers to always get their taste because the suppliers will now know the actual products they like most and supply it to them.

1.5     SCOPE OF THE STUDY Different Nigeria Bottling companies have different ways of distributing their product. Our concern is the distribution monitoring system of Nigeria Breweries Ama 9th mile PLC. Distribution here takes three forms. Depot Delivery Self collection Direct delivery In depot delivery the drinks are being transferred from the production area to the depots in different places.  People, institution, hotels, some establishments, go to these depots to buy.  Self-collection is a process by which the customers themselves go to the production area to buy.  Direct delivery needs salesman who will come to the production area, collect the products, sell them and bring back the money to the company.


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