Simulation As Scientific process involves careful analysis and initiation of the real life event using an electronic device especially computer system and networking. The feature grasps the utilization of these processes and transforms the stable system into acceptable or efficacisionus one. After having viewed the constraints in series of activities in the banking sector in series of activities in the banking sector in the country. An attempt was made regarding the utilization of the works computer system and network connection does. Understanding this concept an earlier attempt recalls the designing a new system that can resituate banks workers from the slumber working equipment (manual system). Realizing this in the First Bank Nigeria Plc for analysizing an old system of money transfer forming electronic found transfer. This exclude s special software that is unbreakable in feature that can run the organizational found transferring system. However, in the security system, the program contains more security features that enable bank workers to determine the owner of the found transferred. Having seen nd observed this system towards developing safer and easier method of fund transfer yield more effort and zeal in to the analysis of this system to sound off our academic pursuit in institute of management and Technology. Perhaps this calls for implementation.


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