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          This project work is aimed at documenting the NYSC pet project information for the purpose of future record and access. Where by each new NYSC crop member can review any past work done by other past crops members. Nigerian University students are sent on a one year Nationalyouth service corps after their graduation from the university. The listforwarded by universities to NYSC Headquarter is registered for the purpose of sending call-up letter to the students and thereafter, does a presentable hand work project to be submitted to the committee, this research is to design andimplement an automated system for NYSC pet project registration. This will be of immense benefit to the administrators of the NYSC program as it will beeasier to sort out list from a particular university. Also, the system willenable proper documentation of graduates that participated in NYSC pet project program in a given year. The implementation of the automated system wascarried out using PHP and MYSQL.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION File size:728 KB Programming Language: PHP, MYSQL (For Other Programming Languages Click Here) Programming Environment: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Software Requirement: Wamp Server


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