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A recruitment management system is a comprehensive tool to manage the entire recruitment processes of an organization.  It is one of the technological tools facilitated by the information management systems to the Human Resource (HR) of the organizations.  Just like performance management, pay roll and other systems, Recruitment Management System (RMS) helps to managed the recruitment processes and effectively managing the return on investment (ROI) on recruitment. Acquiring and retaining high-quality talents is critical to an organization’s success.  As the job market becomes increasingly competitive and the available skills grow more diverse, recruiters need to be more selective in their choices, since poor recruiting decisions can produce long-term negative effects, among them high training and development costs to minimize the incidence of    poor performance and high turnover which, in turn, impact staff morale, the production of high quality goods and services and the retention the organizational integrity.  At worst, the organization can fail to achieve its objectives thereby losing its competitive edge and its share of the market. In Nigeria, public service organizations have had little need to worry about market share and increasing competition since they operate in a monopolistic environment.  But in recent time, the emphasis on New Public Management (NPM)/Public Sector Management (PSM) approaches has forced public organizations to pay closer attention to their service delivery as consumers have begun to expect and demand more for their tax nairas’. Recruitment is described as “the set of activities and processes used to legally obtain a sufficient number of qualified people at the right place and time so that the people and the organization can select each other in their own best short and long term interest”.  In other words, the recruitment process provides the organization with a pool of potentially qualified job candidates from which judicious selection can be made to fill vacancies.   Successful recruitment begins with proper employment planning and forecasting.  In this phase of the staffing process, an organization formulates plans to fill or eliminate future job openings based on an analysis of future needs, the talent available within and outside of the organization, and the current and anticipated resources that can be expended to attract and retain such talent.  Also related to the success of a recruitment process are the strategies an organization is prepared to employ in order to identify and select the best candidates for its developing pool of human resources.  Organizations seeking recruits for base-level entry positions often require minimum qualifications and experience.  These applicants are usually recent high school or university/technical college graduates, many of whom have not yet made clear decisions about future careers or are contemplating engaging in advanced academic activities.  At the middle levels, senior administrative technical and junior executive positions are often filled internally. The push for scarce, high-quality talents, often recruited from external sources, has usually been at the senior executive levels.  Most organizations utilize both mechanisms to effect recruitment to all levels.  Successful recruitment involves the several processes which include therefore the following: i)          Needs assessment to determine the current and future human resource requirements of the organization.  If the activity is to effect the human resource requirements for each job category and functional division/unit of the organization, the organization must be assessed and a priority assigned. ii)        Identification within and outside the organization, of the potential human resource pool and the likely competition for the knowledge and skills resident within it.   iii)       Assessment of qualifications profiles, drawn from job descriptions that identify responsibilities and required skills, abilities, knowledge and experiences. iv)       Determination of the organization’s ability to pay salaries and benefits within a defined period.     v)         Identification and selection to ensure equity and adherence to equal opportunity and other laws.

1.2.0                PROBLEM DEFINITION In our society today, the issue of managing human resources in firms, companies or organizations is a great challenge to the management. In managing human resources of any organization, all begins with the recruitment processes of the organization, keeping with current recruitment and selection practices, members of selection panels, however experienced, should be in touch with new practices and procedures.  Being faced with the fact of growth in our present society, applicants are increasing day by day, and are putting in their application for available job being advertised for enlistment in any company of their choice according to their qualifications and level of experiences.  Also, there is a problem of open discussion on the criteria for the job and challenging discrimination in all steps of the process in recruitment and essential in employing the best perform for the job.     


This study is made to develop a recruitment management system that will manage recruitment processed between applicants and the firm or organization by using the software to be developed to search for the applicant resume, and matching it to the organization’s job profile, then the user will do the selection and send mail to the selected individual deemed fit for the job position in the organization.  With this enlistment into the organization or firm will be based on a strategic requirement for recruitment in to the firm organization.

1.4.0    OBJECTIVES OF STUDY             The objective of this study include: i)          Proper documentation of the job profile in the organization or firm. ii)         Creating a database that will manage the applicants’ resume and match with the job profile of the organization or firm. iii)        Create a quick search and advance search that the user will use during the recruitment process. iv)        This proposed system is geared towards providing a system to assure equal opportunity and impartial review of applications in an organization or film. v)         The system to be developed will allow for hiring and recruitment manager to effectively manage jobs ands applicants in an organization or firm in other to meet the required result both by the organization and the consumer. 

1.5.0      RESEARCH JUSTIFICATION Using schools and some shops around, which I have gone to, base on the current human resource management that is used in the organization, which the mode of operation is still done manually, the firms or organizations enlistment processes are still done by recruitment manager which a certain level of bias will be experienced during the period of recruitment,.  The applicant, personnel well-being is not properly planned and managed and so doing the best of the applicant or personnel can not be obtained.  The new system that is to be developed is to manage the recruitment process starting fro the applicant, personnel and ending with the firm or organization herself.

1.6.0    SCOPE OF STUDY The scope of this stud will include the processes involved in recruitment or employing personnel into the organization or company or firm, where the firm or organization or company would have posted job vacancies on the world wide web (www) online and offline for the applicant to apply for which the recruitment manager will then manage the recruitment processes in the organization company or firm.  This also involve documentation, sourcing prospective candidate, interview tracking processes and offer and hire processes. Also state out other important modules and sub-modules of recruitment management system.  If further research is to be carried out, the segment of human resources which will help the recruitment management system function properly and more effectively will be mentioned in this project work without deep explanation of them.  

1.7.0      LIMITATION OF STUDY Since recruitment management system is a segment of human resource management system, but has many modules within it, this study will be limited to the basic recruitment processes without some in-depth explanation of some segments due to the time factor. The activities that will be involved in recruitment process will involve the sourcing for prospective candidates and sending of mail to qualified applicant, adding of test to a job, grading the applicant base on the test of job applied for, matching job profile with the applicants’ profile, searching for applicants that are liable to be applied and managing of all these processes. This recruitment management system will be limited to an organization or firm that have a database and can post job profiles in the organization or firm. Also, the actual provision for a computerized test will not be implemented as its scope is beyond that of the research work.

1.8.0      DEFINITION OF TERMS RMS: Recruitment Management System:- This is also known as e-recruitment or online recruitment system is a multi-component software tool designed to automate and facilitate the processes involved in finding, attracting, accessing, interviewing and hiring new personnel. ROI: Return On Investment:- A measure of a corporation’s profitability, equal to a fiscal year’s income divided by common stock and preferred stock equity plus long-term debt. JB:  Job Management: This involves the operations of creating job interviews test and grading applicant, and selecting applicant by grades.


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