Every organization be it profit or non-profit oriented engage in one activity or the other. And they have goals and objectives to attain.

Attaining these goals depends to a large extension certain factor as planning organizing directing and controlling but these is one factor that integrate all these functions to ensure smooth wheeling organization activities, it is communication  according to Daniel Katz and Robbert L. Kahn can be described as the exchange of information and the transmission of meaning communication is the important of a social system in an organization. The essence of a good communication in an organization will be examined thoroughly with the aim of establishing the place of communication in an organization, describing the flow of communication, if possible barriers of important communication and proffering guides and techniques to improve communication in all establishment, but with a particular reference to (kwara state polytechnic Ilorin) communication can not be over emphasized in improving management effectiveness. Business require information about price, competition, technology, finance customer, suppliers to stockholder, regulations of government and the community of residence.

To ensure an incisive examinations theoretical models such as interaction model that discuss the sender, receiver, channel, encoding and decoding, noise and feedback. The one way models were discussed with illustration to facilitate the process of communication between the sender and the receiver. The supervisor could be the sender and subordinate, the receiver or vice-versa. Organization established formal communications system when they set – up structural relationship while informal communication is also created by member of the organization and exist with formal system.

While communication flows from the people at higher level to the employees at cower level in downward communication. it flows from the subordinate to supervisors and continues to organizational by heiracrhy in upward communication. Leteral or same level of cross wise communication exchange information between personnel in one division and personnel of equal, lower and superior status is another division.

The media for these messages could be written and non-verbal communication. And the method of communication are telephone telex writing etc. others that are informal are grapevine. rumour for any meaningful and effective communication to take, there certain barriers that need to be avoided. These barriers may come from the sender, then receiver or the environment in which communication take place. Some of these barrier include flittering clarified assumption etc. to ensure effective communication however, there are several approaches that can be used to improve communication policies, network and activities. In conclusion all the recommendation given in this research work can hell in the growth, the development and help solve the lingering problem associated with communication it carefully examined and implemented.


Title page i

Certification ii

Dedication iii

Acknowledges iv-v

Table of contents vi-vii

Abstract viii-x


1.0 Introduction 1

1.1 Aims and objectives of the study 2

1.2 Statement of the study 3

1.3 Significance of the study 5

1.4 Scope and limitation of the study 5

1.5 Plan of the study 6

1.6 Definition of term 8


2.0 Literature Review 10

2.1 Purpose of communication 11

2.2 Theory of communication 13

2.3 Types of communication 14

2.4 Barkers to effective communication 18


3.1 Research methodology 32

3.2 Importance of communication 36

3.3 Organizational chat 39


4.0 Data presentation 40

4.1 Data analysis 46


5.0 Summary of findings 53

5.1 Conclusion 55

5.2 Recommendation 56

Appendix 59

Questionnaire 60

References 62



There is no organization that does not involve in one management activities or the other management functions are performed in a duty today basis either in profit or non profit making organization. But all these activities can not be efficient and effective in the absence of communication.

It is true that communication applies to all places of managing, it is particularly  like that person responsible for directing the whole affair of the industry both human and material resources. He has to use a good communication so that all activities would be harmoniously co-ordinated towards the right direction.

Communication can make or mar an organization, it can determine the failure or success of an organization for an organization to be successfully operate. There is need for an effective communication between the superior and the subordinate on one hand and organization and it environment on the other hand. By so doing every one would know his or her responsibilities and its offer.

Communication could be inform of giving instructions, receiving information, exchanging ideas, announcing plans or strategies, company actual announcing plans or strategies comparing actual result against standards, laying down rules job description and organizational manuals.

There is a great need by all plays in an organization to have a better understanding of communication so as to avoid certain barriers that may hinder successful communication in organization.


This project work addresses the issue of communication it relevance to the society and how it can be effectively used to enhance the level of productivity in kwara state polytechnic. The aims includes.

i. Expanciates on what communication means in totality.

ii. To explain how it can be used to advance development in kwara state polytechnic.

iii. This project work will also be useful to other institution on how they can make communication an effective tools toward in institution development.

iv. Student and researchers in the field of communication will find it resourceful or as paper work which can be made as a mini-library when needed and lastly.

v. It will also be useful for the state and the country as a whole.


Many organization do not find it easy to control those management activities as a result of the lapses that exist in the communication that might have been adopted in running of the organization in the realization of the impact of communication in an organization success, this research work will discuss the objective highlighted below:

i. To describe two model of communication in an organization process.

ii. To describe the flow of communication in an institution, i.e. the verbal and non-verbal formal and informal communication

iii. To describe the place of communication in an institution

iv. To identify the barriers to effective communication to also discuss breakdown in communication

v. Finally, to suggest workable approaches, guideline and techniques to improve communication.


Many student, manager and worker does not appreciate the impact of communication, probably out of ignorance. This research work will illuminate on the place of communication in an organization. The expected role of individual staff and manger will be discussed in detail. And effort will be made to stress the role of communication in an organization success.


This project will limit its research effort to an educational institution and organization known as kwara state polytechnic ilorin. This is highly essential in order to have full   understanding about communication establishment. The research work will enhance the communication activities in different faculty and department.

It will also limit itself within the staff and student in the institution, ranging from the Rector to Dens of various institute. HOD, lecturer to the none teaching staff and student.


1. Superior: Is the boss or manager who directs the affairs of other in the realization of objective.

2. Subordinate: subordinates take instruction from the superior, the subordinate is subjected to the superior.

3. Communication: The transfer of information from one person to another which is understandable by both the sender and the receiver.

4. Inter personal communication: Communication that take place within an individual. No second person is involved, everything is done by the individual.

5. Feedback: This is the response of the receiver to the message which is in-unsent to the sources.

6. Encoding: This is the process of converting a sender idea into symbols word that compromise the message.

7. Noise: It is an interference that keep the message from being clear or understand.

8. Medium: This simply means the charnel through or communicating.

9. Grapevine: This involve the internal line of communication within an organization and usually incomplete, inaccurate and facts penetrating. Through it can be put to effective use, but are mostly taken to avoid its negation affect.

10. Environments: This refers to all the conditions circumstances and influences surrounding that are affecting communication in an organization.


This project work stems on communication as an important tool for the development of an institution. This study is basically divided into five (5) chapters.

CHAPTER ONE: Takes on the introduction of the subject matter. If consists of the super significance and definition of terms of the study.

CHAPTER TWO: This is the literature review this entails the works that had been done on this particular topic which wad done by other researchers.

CHAPTER THREE: Will talk about the Methodist that the researcher adopted in getting necessary materials or information that will facilitate the success of the research work.

CHAPTER FOUR: Explain how the researcher was able to analysis and present the data he got for his work while the chapter:

CHAPTER FIVE: Brings everything to conclusion the researcher does his summary and give necessary recommendation where needed.





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