In respect of the research work “the impact of motivation on employees attitudes to work”. A case study of Union bank of Nigeria Plc.

The study of this project is divided into four chapters which the first chapter focused on the introductory aspect, discussing relevant section such as statement of research problem, importance of the study, the objective and limitation of the study.

Chapter Two focused on the review of various efforts and works carried out by individuals and corporate to the study.

In Chapter Three, the research methodology used for the project work full discussed questionnaires were used to gather more information and also brief history of the organization under study as well as its organization structure.

In Chapter Four, the research data analysis and presentation. It explains socio-economic characteristics, data analysis and test of hypothesis. While the Recommendations are much made and Conclusion drawn in Chapter Five. 


Title pagei

Certification ii

Dedication iii


Table of Content vi-ix



1.1 Background of the Study1-5

1.2 Statement of the Study 5-6

1.3 Purpose of The Study 6-7

1.4 Significance of the Study 8-9

1.5 Scope of the Study 9-10

1.6 Limitation of The Study 10-11

1.7  Definition of related Terms 12-14


2.1 Review of The Study15-17

2.2   The Concept “Attitude” 17-19

2.3   Theoretical Frame-Work 19-21

2.4   The Evolution of Motivation Concept 21-22

2.5   Origin of The Word “Motivation” 22-24

2.6 Social Influence Theory 24-25

2.7 Theories of Motivation 25-43

2.8 Requirement of A Good Motivation System 43-44


3.1    Research Methodology 45-46

3.2 Historical background of Union Bank of Nigeria Plc 46-49

3.3    Research Hypothesis49-50

3.4    Method of Data Collection 50-52

3.5    Method of Data Analysis 52


4.1   Introduction 53-54

4.2    Respondents Socio-Economic Characteristics 55-61

4.3    Data Analysis 61-65

4.4    Test of Hypothesis 65-76


5.1   Summary 77-78

5.1    Conclusion78-79

5.2    Recommendations79-82

5.4  Implication of the Study 83-84


Appendix I87-88

Appendix II89

Sample of Questionnaire89-94



Although there is general agreement among psychologists that man experiences a variety of needs is considerable disagreement as to what this needs are and their relative importance.

There has been a number of motivating needs with so many implications that, the list are all inclusive and represent the total picture of needs.

All organizations is concerned with what should be done to achieve sustained high level of performance through people. Consequently, the subject of motivation of workers as derived from the attempt made by management practitioner is to look for the best way to manage so as to accomplish an objective or mission with the least inputs of materials and human resources available. A lot of theoretical concept, principles and evolved in response to these challenges.

In general, management authors view motivation as a key component of the managerial function of leading or directing. However, leading or leadership style, although an important factor in determining the attitude of employees towards assigned job, responsibilities is not the only determinant, other management functions such as planning, controlling, staffing and organizing also play a vital role. In any serious and competitive society, workers are one of the tools for economic progress in which their interface must be taken into serious consideration because without work force, an organization crumbles.

The term “work attitude” referes to effective orientation on the part of individual towards work roles, which they perform in their respective work place. Work attitude could also be referred to as the way an individual feels about his or her work and organization as an entity. It is either the job is pleasant good and satisfying or the job is unpleasant and brings no satisfaction. In general sense, attitude are characterized and usually a long testing way of feeling and thinking. In fact, behavior of an individual is a reflection of his or her attitude towards a given objective.

In an organization, employees develop a favourable or positive work attitude whenever their desires are fulfilled. They equally develop unfavourable or negative work attitude whenever their desires are not fulfilled. Such situations, which includes poor job performance, hostility nonchalant attitude in work situation, lack of commitment, inefficiency, strike and other unpleasant behavior.

The nation (Nigeria) reward system is probably the poorest in the entire globe where an average take home of the worker is put at N35 per month, workers are harassed, treated, offended and discarded without an appreciation for their contribution to their organization and to the society at large.

If workers are discontented or dissatisfied with their job, this would cause an overall decline in their effectiveness of the organization.

 It is therefore apparent that the issues of adequate motivation of workers have relevance in managerial function and activities that are aimed at directing the productive effort of the work towards achieving organizational goals.

How can we create situation in which employees can satisfy their individual needs while at the same time working towards this goals of the organization. Various devices have been adopted to answer this question and to make people work hard, but they do not seem to be very satisfactory, unless forms of motivation are aroused as well.


The management of most organizations have often emphasized motivation as the main determinant of employees work attitude. For example, why do people behave the way they do work situation? What induce workers to put in their best? Question such as these are concerned with the motivation of people at work and this has for long fascinated researcher today, they are pressing concerns for managers.

When employees develop an attitude of strong commitment to work, it is an essential component to the success and survival of an organization. Unfortunately most managers of organizations are faced with the problem of how to effectively motivate their employees towards developing work attitude. Motivation has been an important part of human resources management. Even since motion studies i.e Haw throne studies, when it was taught that an organization correlation exists between satisfaction and performance. It was assumed that management could improve performance simply by motivating their workers through pleasant working condition or incentive i.e. adequate reward and the likes.

Although, organizational researchers and industries psychologists have done much work on the impact of motivation on employees attitude to work.

It is this research that management can satisfy the needs for their employees while at the same time accomplish their aims and objectives of the organization.


It is true that there are numerous factors for employees work attitudes. However, it is not enough for intending managers to know these factors but to actually understand the relationship between these as they influence employees work attitude. The specific objectives of the study include:

i. To examine the impact of motivation on employee attitude to work

ii. To provide insight into the casual factors responsible for difference in employees work behavior and  performance in organization.

iii. To determine how these factors actually influence or shape work attitude

iv. To determine the relationship between motivational and high productivity.

v. To suggest measure for achieving positive attitude to work among employees in an organization.


It is expected that this research may serve as a guide to Union bank Plc, and other interested users for proper implementation of necessary strategies to embark upon in order to gain advantage in the industry in which they operate.

The ability to realize her vision of working to be “therefore most financial with institution with most satisfied customers” can only be realized if only its sound strategies are put in place in carrying out its motivation excercises. The finding from this study would help to further highlight the likely problems of frustration and how motivation can be used to either reduce or eliminate these problems amongst staff of the organization. The results from this study will assist management in these other areas:

i. Highlight the concept of group dynamics and staff behavior and expectations of people at work.

ii. Enable the organization of identify various types of needs and  expectations of people at work.

iii. To know if management is getting meaningful returns on motivation

iv. How can job be redesigned so as to incorporate the rewards sought by employees

v. Explain meaning and underlying concept of motivation.

Through such understanding, the administrative scope of the chief executive officer could be broadened and this would put him in a better motivating staff and thus producing better results by fully utilizing human resource available.


It is of great importance to note that the scope of this study focused or it is limited to Union bank of Nigeria Plc. This is to say that employee of the organization automatically from the sample frame for this research work.

Union Bank of Nigeria has a very wide scope, therefore the research approach is going to be an all-embracing one in which Union bank of Nigeria Plc Muritala Muhammed way, Ilorin Branch will be considered.

It is hoped that the findings and recommendations will be of immense advantage to personnel manager of the branch and the management of Union Bank of Nigeria Plc as a whole.


An ideal and a very exhaustive research would have been to study all the employee os Union bank of Nigeria Plc, which are 6,931, as at December, 2006 with a network 359 branches across the country. But thus would have been an inevitably cumbersome exercise, considering the wide scope to be covered. For the fact that researcher is faced with different constraints, it will not be possible to involve all staff of the organization outside Muritala Muhammed Way branch in Ilorin, kwara State.

Considering the large number of staff and branches, time log for the submission the research study, the financial implication of attempting to cover the 6,931 employees in 389 branches, other logistic problem and finally the general apathy amongst Nigeria culture towards research work may also hinder accessibility to prospective respondents. Who are to provide needed data made it necessary to prospective respondents who are to provide needed data made it necessary to limit the scope to the Muritala Muhammed way, Ilorin branch of the Bank. This is to ensure that researcher make interpretations and analysis comprehensively based in the available data.


a. MOTIVATION: Abdulsallam (2001) in objective and others defined motivation as a product of behavior (individual and group behavior) and desire as determined by the target productivity level in the organization.

b. BEHAVIOUR: Oxford dictionary defined behavior as the way a person, an animal, a plant, a chemical e.t.c. functions in a particular situation.

c. ATTITUDE: A ttitude can be defined as a learned disposition or predisposition to respond to an object or to a class of object either in a favourable or infabourable way.

d. MANAGEMENT: Donelly et al (1987) defined management as the process undertaken by one or more individuals to coordinate the activities of others to achieve results not achievable by one individual acting alone.

e. MANAGER: Manager is an individual who get things done through the effective efforsts of others.

f. PLANNING: Planning can be defined as the process by which a manager looks to the future and discovers alternative courses of action.

g. ORGANIZING: It is the establishment of framework within which activities are performed and the designation of the most suitable personnel in their places towards achieving organizational goals.

h. CONTROLLING: It is the process of ensuring that plane are being implemented properly.

i. DIRECTING: It is about ensuring that employees are appropriately engaged in working on activities to meet goals and plans.

j. CO-ORDINATING: It can be defined as an orderly combination or integration of the various activities to achieve a goal.





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